During this time of social distancing and limited group gatherings, the goal of the Dunedin Youth Guild remains raising funds to continue our tradition of supporting the youth and children of Dunedin. Our schools, whether students start back in August with physical re-opening or in a remote format, will need support in order to meet the needs of our community’s children and youth. It is our goal to assist them as we have over the past 56 years since 1964.

As always, we depend on the generosity and support of the Dunedin community to make our contributions possible. Dunedin businesses and citizens have never let us down. We hope that you will find a way to participate in our fundraisers in order to help to make sure that our children and youth are provided what they need during these unprecedented times for our community.

Dunedin Youth Guild is pleased to present the work of some of our creative members by offering an assortment of handcrafted cards. See the options below if you would like to order a set of six (6) beautiful all-occasion cards (envelopes included):

  • Option: Use the shopping cart below to place your order. Add your email or phone contact when you check out and a member will contact you to arrange delivery.
  • Option: Additional ordering and donation arrangements can be made by contacting alfernbach@aol.com.

Set of 6 All-occasion Handcrafted Cards = Donation: $10Proceeds are used in support of Dunedin children and youth.