School & Community Funding Applications 

– >Link here to download a DYG Funding Application form

All requests are reviewed by the Dunedin Youth Guild Board on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and voted on by the membership on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, excluding June, July, August and December.

School and Community Projects: Our goal is to support the youth of Dunedin through enrichment in school-wide, classroom, and youth-focused community experiences that provide opportunities for participation in a wide variety of educational and recreational experiences, including field trips outside of Dunedin.

Projects supported by DYG provide examples of our dedication to increasing opportunities for the youth of Dunedin. These projects include Recreation (parks, playgrounds, school and community athletic teams and activities), Enrichment (school and community programs for art, music, drama, dance, and more), Extracurricula (Scouts, clubs, camps). DYG proudly supports opportunities for youth to participate in Academics and Skills competitions and to be involved in after-school clubs and activities.