Our charter is to support the children of Dunedin with school enrichment and scholarship support as well as community outreach that involves our kids.  The DYG is a source for small amounts of funding for enrichment activities that cannot be accomplished without additional funds.  It is also a cache of volunteers (some with educational/teaching backgrounds) that will volunteer in the schools doing special projects.

School Support


Each year DYG gives small grants to a classroom teachers to cover things that are not provided by the school system.  The funding amount is $250 per classroom.  Adopt a Class funds are budgeted on a limited number per school so get your request in early in the year to be assured of a grant.

Click here to download an Adopt-a-Class Application and Information form

Other School Grants

If you feel that a small grant from our organization will help you help local children, please ask.  Simply put your request in a letter or use our  Contact Us form to send in your request for our board to consider.  If appropriate, the board will refer requests to the membership.  We will then contact you with an answer about sponsorship.  Please give us up to six weeks lead time to get through our monthly board and membership meeting cycle.

Community Outreach

DYG members and endowments have helped Dunedin grow it’s recreational facilities for our youth including the Elizabeth Skinner Jackson Playground;  Youth Guild Park ; Moffatt Playground at Weaver Park; and the Community Center Game Room.

You can find DYG members lining up the entrants for the Christmas Parade…  Handing out pamphlets at the Orange Festival…  Raising funds at our major fundraising Tour of Home or Scholarship/Fashion Show events…  and raising funds at Hamburger Marys Bingo night/Applebees pancake breakfasts…

So.  If you need a helping hand, a helping heart, or just a few $$$ to help enrich the children of Dunedin, keep us in mind.  Contact Us to reach out to us… or send a letter… or give us a call.

Field Trip Program

The goal of DYG’s Field Trip Program is to increase opportunities for Dunedin students to participate in trips and learning activities around Dunedin. Field trips increase awareness of community resources for students, teachers, and parents .  They also increase the involvement of local agencies and groups with Dunedin schools.

Past field trips that have been supplemented by DYG include:

  • Dunedin Fine Art Center including Wheels on Wheels, a mobile pottery experience
  • Honeymoon Island State Park
  • Dunedin Historical Museum – includes traveling trunk lessons which can travel to schools
  • Dunedin Nature Center
  • Hammock Park and Hammock Butterfly Garden
  • Approved community sites (such as fire stations, post offices, water treatment facilities, libraries, etc.) as outlined on the Pinellas County Schools website.
  • Blue Jays Education Day in May to fund transportation to the stadium for the event. The DYG coordinator of Blue Jays’ Education Day and the Blue Jays will work with your school to help in this process

To apply for a field trip grant:  

  • Click here to download Field Trip Application
  • Verify that you have permission from your school administrator prior to applying for a grant.
  • Complete your applications and mail to: Dunedin Youth Guild Field Trips, PO Box 1453, Dunedin, FL 34697-0394
  • Please estimate your travel costs based on the following:
    • Transportation fees listed at PCSB application site: https://www.pcsb.org/Page/21250
    • Additional fees specific to the field trip activity (admission, lesson materials)

The DYG Application Review Committee will require at least 6-weeks for time to review your application, present your information to the membership, and then send your check. All applications must be received 6 weeks prior to your trip.

PATRONS:  If you would like to adopt a class, please click the “Donate Now” button at the bottom of the page.  Our long term goal is to provide an “Adopt-a-Class” grant to every classroom that requests it.