Graduating Senior Deadline for Applications:                                                               February, 2025

To be considered for a Dunedin Youth Guild, Inc. Scholarship you must:

1. Be a 2025 graduate of  Dunedin High School or live in Dunedin.
2. Have an unweighted GPA of at least 3.0.
3. Possess traits of character which are recognized as admirable by both students and faculty.
4. Be in need of financial assistance.

Continuing Scholarships – Recipients of Dunedin Youth Guild Scholarships in previous years who are continuing students must send your fall and spring transcripts along with a letter requesting the continuance of your scholarship by June 15, 2025. 

You must be registered as a full time student upon college entrance in the fall of 2024 Scholarships are paid directly to schools of recipients.

Available in Fall of 2025 Academic Scholarship Application and Information

Available in Fall of 2025 Vocational Scholarship Application and Information